Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dresses and whatnot

Okie, first of all I got some absolutely horrible photos of me done today from Barb. I can never pose for a full body pic without feeling and looking awkward. Plus, you can tell just how much weight I've put on :(

Anyway, this is the dress I thought you could borrow from me Ro. It actually looks much more flattering in real life, trust me. Only problem is, Barb borrowed it off me and now it has a tiny tear in the bottom but you don't actually notice that.

And this is the dress I was thinking of wearing. It's no where near as nice now that I've put on a few more kilos but it'll still do I suppose.

What do you guys think? Ro, do you like that first dress? And is mine too dressy? You can't really see the lace in the photo but the sleeves are lace and that carries on around the back...

Okie, enough of that. So I was thinking of things that we've kind of got set in stone and I thought I'd list them so we know what days we've got booked up. So...

Sat 17th - Arrive at 12:35pm, Glasgow
Sun 25th - Naming ceremony
Tues 27th - Thursday 29th - Camping
Thurs 5th Aug - Adam Hills

Is there anything I've missed that we've definitely decided on? It felt like there was more...
Anyway, so Christian and I wanted to do a day trip down to North England etc and since we'll have to hire a car for camping, it's probably best if we do the day trip either on the Monday or just after camping, so we don't have to hire it out twice. I guess either day will not be that great since the Monday we'll probably all be tired after the ceremony and camping is generally exhausting but I guess we'll just have to suck it up lol. Maybe after camping would be better since it will mean a very early start and probably getting back late and I'm sure we won't be gone all day Thursday, therefore giving us some recovery time...

I'm sure other stuff we can figure out once we're there but you know me, I like making lists :D

Can't wait for tomorrow because then it's exactly three weeks till we fly out! I am getting so damned excited! Yay! :D


  1. Ro said that the Friday is the Samba gig so I guess it will have to be the Monday...

    And it seems to be that York is the favourite destination idea :)

  2. Camping will probably be moved to the Tuesday-Thursday of the first week, as that's when Chris can get time off work. Matt's ringing the campsite today, and I'll let you guys know what they say...

  3. Okie hun. I guess we'll either have to do the day trip on the Monday then and pray we're not jetlagged or hire a car over two periods since the Friday is out :(

    Ah well, we'll figure it out.

  4. Camping has been moved!
    All is well.
    Also, we realised that (although he goes free), technically he counts as a person in terms of 'population of pitch'.
    So we realised we might have to book a whole extra pitch. For Zeph.

    Matt spoke to a nice person at the booking place, and they assured him that we'd be ok with one, and they wouldn't make us buy a 10m by 8m area for the baby.
    BTW: The pitch has cost us £107 (because you have to pay for extra people beyond the two who are free).

  5. BTW, I'm guessing I can wear a black dress for the naming, then? Because it's the only appropriate one I have...

  6. Oh!
    And if we're going down to York, it may be quicker and cheaper to get train tickets. Rowenna, this is your area of expertise!

  7. Hmmmm, I hadn't thought of the train. Actually, that would probably be better as long as it's easy enough to get about in York, I'm assuming they'll have awesome public transport too?

    Oh, and I think maybe we should start keeping a tally of costs and whatnot...obviosly some things have been and will be paid for before we get there and it's probably a good idea to keep track of it all so we can work out what everyone owes everyone when we get there.
    I know we're all on a tight budget and I don't want anyone to end up forking out a heap more because something got forgotten about.


  8. York is a tiny bundle of awesomeness.
    It's almost all within walking distance.

    I think the tally might be a good idea - not "I spent 67p on a loaf of bread, which you ate 1/3 of", but certainly for the bigger costs.
    Would you like to do a new post for it, my dear?

  9. Yep, that can be arranged :)