Monday, 21 June 2010


So, are we wanting to go camping? Because I think we'd really need to book it soon if we do.
And for that, we'd need to know how many of us are going, whether we'd need to hire a car / people carrier, that sort of thing.

What do you guys think?
We'd be up for it, but it would have to be the first or second week, as Matt probably can't get the third week off work.


  1. I don't know. I think it might be difficult to camp with Zeph, plus I'm not sure if Chris could get time off work.
    I'd really hate to be left behind, though... :-(

  2. I've been thinking and maybe camping wouldn't quite sounds great but it would be such a hassel trying to find tents and sleeping bags and everything. We would be up for going away for a night or two though to maybe a B&B? I would like to see a teeny bit more of Scotland than just the city...
    Ro, would a B&B be easier to take Zeph along to? That way you wouldn't have to miss out.
    And then we could hire something like we did last time to get around in.

    However if staying overnight at a B&B would be too expensive for anyone then I'm sure it'll be ok. I'll just plan on seeing more next time I come :)

  3. B&Bs are extortionate in tourist season, and it might well be difficult to find one that isn't already booked up.

    As for the rest of it, Matt had an idea:

    "We can hire a tent from Tent2Rent (for 2 to 4 people) for up to 5 days and have it delivered and collected for £46. That is hassle-free and much cheaper than a B&B. We could then go to a location close to Edinburgh so even if she can't stay over, Rowenna can get driven out in the morning for the day and hang out with everyone."


  4. That sounds good to me :)

    Christian and I have been talking and we were thinking that we would like to go for a drive down to maybe the north of England and have a looksie around but just make it a day trip, we wouldn't have to stay overnight.

    I've been looking at some sites to get some ideas and these are just a few...

    Not sure if you guys know of any other interesting spots, doesn't have to be there, could be anywhere in Scotland, looking at roughly no more than three or four hours drive away...

  5. Oh, I'm glad.

    Matt says we will need to book very soon, which is why I'm pushing for a decision on it (sorry about that).

    I shall check out your links tonight, as I'm just finishing my lunch break at work.

    SO EXCITED! 3 weeks, 4 days!

  6. Well I'm happy with that, I guess it all depends on what Ro thinks. I shall leave it in your capable hands :)

  7. Well, I was thinking that we could go for two nights, so we'd have one full day. And Rowenna can be there for that. So everyone wins!

  8. Oh, and I forgot to say, I AM RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED!!!
    By the time the weekend comes round, it will only be three weeks! My last nightfill night will be the Monday (as I only work Mon and Fri) and I think I'll garden on the tues but then have the rest of the week off, I guess we'll see how busy we are and how much I need the money lol.
    So really, I only have twoish weeks of work left :D

    I was putting the last of the pressies in the suitcase tonight and it's almost full :-S
    I'm going to have to rethink my packing...
    I have quite a big handbag that I was going to take onboard with me and not bother with any hand luggage but I think I'm going to have to take some hand luggage with me so I can fit in all the presents lol

    I don't know how much Christian will fit in his luggage, I know he's not planning on taking a very big bag cos he doesnt need much room at all (he doesn't have as much crap as me). I'm sure I'll work it out. I just hope Matt is feeling chivilarous and will help me with my bags on the bus and train lol

  9. Crap, I'm glad I went and checked Emirates luggage rules...every other time I've flown I've been allowed to have a handbag in addition to a piece of carry on luggage but with Emirites you can only have either/or. Bugger bugger bugger. Rethink time! lol

    Sorry, I really should have done this all in a post, the comments are getting kind of crazy...

  10. We have booked a spot at Glenmore from the 27th-29th.

    We still need to get in touch with the tent people, the hire car people, and the reindeer people.

  11. Ok, so we looked at the tent hire site and they do a really big tent with four bedroom compartments. I think we can manage with Zeph in something like that - I'd been envisaging trying to keep him safe, warm and dry in between three small tents! Flora and I discussed it, and we think that three days/two nights would be best so that we get plenty of time camping but still have time for lots of other things too.

    We're working on it. ;-)

  12. Dammit, you posted first! :-P