Friday, 25 June 2010

Costs and camping

Okie dokie, I've been having a bit of a think and I figured we needed a thread like this one. First off all, it was because I was trying to figure out just how much camping would cost each couple so we all know how much to set aside for it and secondly because some things have already been paid for and I don't want someone having to foot the bill for the rest of us all because something got forgotten about! So I'll do it in two sections - camping first and then costs. If anyone else pays for something for all of us, either now or even while we're there, make sure you list it on the comments (I was hoping you'd be able to edit my post but apparently I'm the only one who can do that) and then we know how much we owe each other and it's all fair :)


Ok, so I've spoken to Flora about how much the site and the tent have cost, I've gone and gotten a few quotes about car hire and taken the cheapest one, I've made a rough estimate about fuel since I'm not entirely sure how much it is over there and how fuel efficient the car will be but I've not included food since that will all depend on what we decide to have once we're there I guess.
Oh and I can't figure out how to make my keyboard make a pound symbol so I'll just use a $ one and we'll all just pretend :)

Pitch - $107 = $36 per couple
Tent - $79 = $27
Car hire - $250 (approx) = $85
Petrol - $90 (approx) = $30

So we're roughly looking at $180 for each couple, not including food, and hoping we don't go through too much petrol. I guess it seems quite a bit for camping but I'm sure it will be worth it :) Christian and I are so looking forward to it, it will be so much fun!


Ok, so there aren't many things that have been paid for in advance as yet but I'm sure that once we're there one of us will book and pay for something or other and someone will do something else and in the end if we're not careful someone could end up paying a lot more than others and I know we're all on a tight budget. So I figured if we keep a tally of it all then it will all work out fair.

So, so far...

Flora - $107 pitch
$79 tent (I know you haven't actually booked it as yet but I was pretty sure you
were going to so I figured I'd add it on here)

Nettie - $60 Adam Hills tickets

Flora, I don't think it's fair that you have to wait for us to get there to pay you for our share and I certainly don't want you to run short because of it so I'll Paypal you our share today :)

Ummmm, anything else I've missed? I'm really annoyed that you guys can't edit this post, cos then we could have made it into a proper list (lol you know me and my lists) but anything that gets added in the comments I'll come and add :)

This time in three weeks I'll be on a plane! Yay!


  1. Do you have my bank account numbers?

    I can't think of anything else offhand...

  2. Yep, you gave them to me a while back :)