Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The invasion is coming!


I AM SO BLOODY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cough* ok, so now that that's out of my system...

I've asked Christian if there's anything in particular he wants to do and he just shrugged and said he's happy to go along with whatever. When asked if there's anything he doesn't want to do, I got much the same response.

So, things that haven't already been mentioned but I would like to do :)

*Climb the 'big hill' again. I know this is pretty much a given since Flora lives on the side of Arthur's Seat but it doesn't hurt to mention it...

*The science centre thingy in Glasgow has always looked like so much fun whenever it's been blogged about and since I'd like to see a little bit of Glasgow (so I can confirm I like Edinburgh better - I already do but it I guess I should base it on fact lol) maybe we could do a day trip there? I doubt we'll see much on our trip from the airport.

* A really bad movie night. We are getting into the spirit of things this weekend when we watch Mega Shart Vs Giant Octopus but you have so many I want to see! I'll also bring Night of the Living Dorks along but Christian has said he'll refuse to watch that again lol.

*Perhaps we could have another genuine Scottish bbq? You know, just so Christian gets the full experience. That of course will need to be scheduled on a day when it's most likely to rain lol

There's not a whole lot else I guess. Obviously the festival stuff depends on what we can get tickets to etc etc but the circus did sound good. Also, maybe we could hire a car for a couple of days and have an overnight trip somewhere? I don't really know where to...are there any castles you can stay overnight in? :D Cos that would be awesome! lol
But I'm just really looking forward to wandering about, seeing it all again. You guys have no idea how much I love your city. Actually, maybe it's as much as you guys love Perth lol. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't love it nearly as much if you guys didn't live there :)

It's such a shame Eurovision isn't on...

I'm sure the boys will want to play lots of xbox games or wii games or whichever games are available lol

Oh, and I want lots of cuddles!!! I know it will be a lot easier having Christian there with me but I'm going to be missing Myles so much :(

Oooh, somewhere for us to eat. Is that tappas place still open? That was rather nice I thought :)
I wonder if we'll consume quite as much pizza this time? I'm sure Flora and I will get over tired again and snap at each other about 2am because I won't try black pudding lol. Christian is quite a fussy eater too so I'm sure we'll drive you both batty but hopefully we'll figure it out.

I'm really looking forward to Zeph's baby naming ceremony, it's going to be great. And at least you'll have lots of people to help set it up Ro!

We shall have to have a cocktail night at some stage and make fruit tingles! Yummo! Getting pissed with you two is towards the top of my priority list since I don't think I've done it properly yet. Certainly didn't happen when I was there and I don't think I got drunk when Will went missing since I wanted to make sure Barb could lol.

Okie, there was somethng else I was going to mention now but can't quite put my finger on it...I'm stupidly excited about getting my bus pass thingy with the photo but I know it wasn't that...I'm also excited about getting to have tablet again (even though I can buy it down the road here) but it's better when it's proper Scottish Tablet...is it silly to be this excited about going to a Tesco? You're shops are so different...

I think I'm just babbling now so I'll bring this to an end. I miss you guys, and really can't wait to come see you!


  1. Yeah, Matt and I were talking about doing a day trip to Glasgow. We definitely want to take you to the science centre, and there are some pretty cool shops, and several cool galleries to see. :)

    The tapas place (Barioja) is still open, so we cann go there and eat tapas until our eyes bulge.

    As for everything else... well, yay! lol

  2. Wow, can you tell the sedatives I had to take for the dentist were starting to kick in by then? I can't believe I used 'you're' instead of 'your' *blushes*. Not even drugs should make me that bad...

  3. Yup, that all sounds good to me! I'd been going to suggest a trip to Glasgow too - great minds think alike...
    Oh, and yay for tapas!